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Materials Handling
Barcode and RFID enabled Automated Materials Handling (AMH) Systems allow library materials to be checked-in and sorted as they are returned by patrons. An Electromagnetic (EM) resensitizer is incorporated for libraries using EM security. RFID/EM hybrid systems allow libraries to continue to utilize EM security while migrating from barcode identification toward the use of RFID.

Sentry Technology recommends the P.V. SUPA Libretto AMH system. Libretto has the industry’s smallest footprint to maximize capacity and the number of sorting categories. The system meets the most demanding ergonomic requirements and retains a harmonious library environment with very low noise levels. Modular design provides flexible configurations, incremental growth options, and ease of maintenance.
Modules operate independently and only run when books are detected while the rest of the modules are on standby waiting for incoming items. This reduces the consumption of electricity and increases the lifetime of the components.
System Modules & Options

Front End – The Front End scans the barcode/RFID tag, interacts with the ILS to check-in items, activates EM strips, and prints optional patron receipts. Front End can be configured to read items that have barcodes inside the book cover.
Staff Inlet – The Feeder Belt is for staff use. Items are placed on the belt and fed to the Front End one by one keeping maximum sorting speed
Turning Table: The turning table is used to direct items to the sorting modules from multiple inlets.

Sorting Module – Sorting modules sort items based on information sent by the Front End.
Bins - Regular and Large Bins versions are available depending on capacity requirement.
Hold Slip Printer – Prints hold slips for library staff.
Index Tote – Totes are used to transfer books to the home library in multi branch operations.
Tote Lifter – Used for moving, stacking and lifting totes.
Ergo Trolley – Ergonomic trolley collects items from the sorting stations for transportation to the stacks.

A floor plan and site survey is required for the proper configuration of the sorting AMH system. Please contact us at 1(800) 461-2803 for more information.