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RFID Systems
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses radio waves to transmit key information over short distances. This information describes the identity, location, and/or condition of items in the library collection.

Fast, easy and efficient RFID technology eliminates the need for “line of sight”, thus simplifying check-out and check-in operations, materials handling, and inventory management.

RFID solutions provide:
  • ISO standard systems and tags enabling full compatibility with other vendors
  • Improved efficiency for circulation processes including staff checkout with RFID and barcode scanning
  • Patron independence with self-checkout via RFID and barcode scanning
  • A high level of patron satisfaction with ease-of-use for self-check-out and return functions
  • Security for all types of library materials
  • Inventory and statistical reporting
  • Ability to add automated materials handling in the future