Wireless USB Patron Counter

This completely wireless people counting system is a reliable, user-friendly, and affordable tool providing libraries with accurate count information. When a patron breaks the bidirectional infrared beams between the transmitter and receiver, the count increases by one. Data is stored in the Counter and extracted via a USB Port using a thumb drive and then… Continue reading Wireless USB Patron Counter

3M System Upgrade

The Sentry RT Controller is an upgrade for Sentry WAM-2 & MM systems, as well as 3M 3500 & 3900 to make old systems new again. By simply replacing old electronics with our RT Controller, your security gates are alive again with better tag detection and a remote tuning feature to perform system diagnostics, and… Continue reading 3M System Upgrade

Circulation Accessories

Circulation accessories are available to meet the needs of libraries using Electromagnetic (EM), Radio Frequency (RF), and RFID technology. Sentry manufactures several check-out and check-in stations for processing all Library books, AV materials, and Magnetic Media. Single purpose desensitizers and resensitizers are available as well as combination de/resensitizer stations to fit the requirements of every… Continue reading Circulation Accessories

Security Tags & Labels

Sentry provides the highest quality EM (Electromagnetic), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and RF (Radio Frequency) tags and labels ensuring accurate and reliable theft detection.

Self-Check Systems

The QuickCheck™ system has an intuitive, flexible design that meets the needs of libraries using EM (Electromagnetic) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. QuickCheck™ operates with traditional barcode labels, barcode & EM labels or RFID labels. Systems are compatible with all standard ILS software. The user interface includes a touch screen monitor offering step-by-step instructions… Continue reading Self-Check Systems

RFID Systems

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) library systems use radio waves to transmit data over short distances. This information contains the identity, location, and/or status of items in the library collection. Fast, easy and efficient, RFID technology eliminates the need for “line of sight”, thus simplifying check-out and check-in operations, materials handling, and inventory management.

EM Systems

EM (Electromagnetic) library systems offer a reliable and versatile way to protect library books, magazines, and AV materials. Our EM systems use DSP (digital signal processing) to ensure accurate, reliable tag detection and are managed over the internet to maintain optimum performance and reduce service costs.

EM or RFID? It can be confusing. Our team regularly offers demonstrations and webinars to help libraries better understand their options.

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